Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Blue and White Bathroom

Shaun Smith - Southern Living

This is a lovely example of working with what you have - interior designer Shaun Smith embraced the original blue tiles in this 50s ranch house. Raphael wallpaper and a blue and white ginger jar work beautifully. The wallpaper is by Sandberg and it was inspired by the trees of Central Park. This took just two rolls of wallpaper - a lot of bang for the buck!


  1. I love this so much it makes my heart skip a beat!!!!

  2. OMG this really hits home for me. I sell mid-century homes and I LOVE the original vintage tile baths. To me they add so much more character and are way more classic and fun than the current flavor-of-the-month "griege" that will look dated in 7 or 8 years. Too many times people rip out pristine, high-quality original baths in favor of boring, right off the shelf big box junk, all in the name of updating. Can we have more like this? Maybe with pink bathrooms? Viva the pink bathroom!

  3. I just love that the original 50s/60s tile remained yet the bath is totally current and beautifully decorated. I've done my share of pink, blue, beige and white midcentury ranch bathrooms and it's so great when the tile still looks good. Pamela