Monday, February 10, 2020

Architectural Anomolies

Hallway in My Florida Home

The Florida house has a few odd odd features, as do many homes. It has three of these arched niches which are somewhat dated. Rather than spend money on filling them in, I decided to keep them and work with them.  I was also determined to use my existing art as I love it all - these above were done by Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda and I had them in my office in Alexandria previously. I got them for one of the One Room Challenges I participated in. This is the hallway of the master suite in Florida. I think they work beautifully.

Another Arched Niche

This niche I filled with framed antique Chinese silk costume fragments - I like the contrast with the massive framed photograph of a Vatican staircase in the landing. And a favorite ginger jar is on a ledge in the staircase.

I love the way these work.

This last one holds a favorite piece of mine I purchased in Old Town Alexandria long ago at a wonderful store called The Pineapple, now long gone. It fits the space like it was meant to be there.

Chelsea House Tulipiere Oil Painting


  1. Great use of your wall space. We had several of those niches in our home when we first bought it but we tore out the entryway wall where they were and replaced it. Later on we discovered they had been filled in on a wall in the formal dining room as well. I am afraid I just don't have the gift of being able to work with them as you have. They actually highlight your art pieces really well. It is lovely there.

  2. Many interesting details in your home. This is lovely: Chelsea House Tulipiere Oil Painting.

  3. I think the niches add interest. I don’t find them dated-looking. Better than the bland “architecture” of more modern Florida homes. Nice job on the artwork choices in them!