Thursday, October 27, 2016

More Chinoiserie Halloween Ideas

Blue pumpkins

Not a fan of orange pumpkins? Me neither. New to the market, these Australian Blue or Jarrahdale pumpkins are a cross between a Blue Hubbard squash and a Cinderella pumpkin. Wouldn't these be beautiful outside with blue and white Chinese garden stools and blue and white Chinese planters?


  1. Not only do they look beautiful, if they are the same pumpkins that we have in Australia, then they are fabulous to eat too. After you have done using them for decoration, cut them into wedges or chunks and roast them and have them with your Thanksgiving turkey, or saute a leek in butter, grate a bit of fresh ginger into it, then fill the pot with peeled and chunked pumpkin, cover with a good chicken or vegetable stock and make a divine pumpkin soup. Blitz the whole lot and finish with some cream and a grate of fresh nutmeg. Unlike your orange skinned pumpkins, these are sweet, firm fleshed not floury or woody, but these ones also have a pretty tough skin. By the way, they can also be steamed, boiled, mashed and pureed and used in all of your pumpkin pie recipes. It is much nicer than the tinned pumpkin puree that you use. I have tried both and apart from the speed of a tin, I would always use fresh pumpkin.

  2. Nice pictures and I have been raising these for about 3 years now. Love them making my holiday pies from them, really sweet.