Thursday, August 18, 2016

Robin's Egg Blue

Phoebe Howard - Southern Accents

Robin's egg blue is a favorite color of mine and it combines so beautifully with Chinoiserie. Here Phoebe Howard uses it masterfully with blue and white Chinoiserie panels, chairs, and rug, but in deeper blues to really pop. Note too how she picked mirrored sconces to reflect the Chinoiserie panels and how she carried the robin's egg blue onto the moldings at the ceiling.

Here is another example of robin's egg blue I adore - Miles Redd's iconic NYC front door - I wish this were a paint color one could buy but he hand mixed it. This would be a great choice for so many houses.

Miles Redd

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  1. Miles must have had the door custom made too. I looked everywhere for a center knob door and couldn't find one to save my life. They are de rigeur in London. Brass hardware would have been better a mon avi, but the silver looks nice too. The Phoebe Howard paneled dining room is lovely.