Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Pink Pagoda and a Trip Down Memory Lane

I thought everyone might enjoy a little history of how Jennifer of The Pink Pagoda and I first met. Jennifer opened her Etsy store selling her Chinoiserie giclees on October 13, 2010. It must have been fate, because I found her store that very first day and posted on it the following day. Here is that post. I followed it with a post on more of her prints two days later. Although some of her friends and family thought "Chinoiserie" was too narrow a niche to be successful, Jennifer intuitively sensed, as I did, that Chinoiserie has such a timeless appeal and that the marketplace was hungry for a modern and affordable source for Chinoiserie art. Likewise, I had SO many people tell me I would run out of post topics very quickly with a blog devoted to Chinoiserie. Well, today is post number 2,618!

 Now, over three years later, The Pink Pagoda's Chinoiserie prints continue to be a huge hit in the design world, loved by interior designers, bloggers, and interior design afficiandos.

Jennifer then opened her accessories store, selling a beautifully curated collection of blue and white porcelain. Her newest addition to her accessories store is a "Walls" section where she is selling original works of art created exclusively for The Pink Pagoda by artists like Kerry Steele, as well as beautiful sets of her own giclees.

Fast forward three years plus since Jennifer and I met. I am now approaching 3,000 posts and five years on Chinoiserie Chic with wonderful sponsors (The Pink Pagoda was my first) and a successful interior design business and Jennifer's Chinoiserie art and blue and white Chinese porcelelain businesses both continue to expand with great success. I guess we were both on to something great with our love for Chinoiserie.

Jennifer will be hosting her next Blue and White Bash this coming Monday, February 3 over at The Pink Pagoda. It is a wonderful chance to link up with other bloggers with a blue and white post you have done in the past or a new blue and white post created for the bash. Jennifer has a great tutorial here if you are new to linking parties.

You may have heard the exciting news that The Pink Pagoda has been nominated for the Design Bloggers Hall of Fame in the area of Best Design Graphics, Photography, and Presentation. The role of the Hall of Fame is to recognize excellence in blogging and new media in the field of interior design. The winners and runner ups will be determined through a combination of ratings by a panel of judges and a public vote. The awards will be presented live and the inductees recognized during the 2014 Design Bloggers conference in Atlanta in March.

I can't think of a more deserving blog in this category. I hope you will support Jennifer's very well deserved nomination by voting for The Pink Pagoda here. "Let's win one for the Gipper (Pagoda) !"


  1. I couldn't be more grateful for such a lovely post and all of your support. WOW. THANK YOU!!

  2. Perfect Post. She is such a gem. Always cheering me on & offering unending support. Jennifer @ The Pink Pagoda, Salute!

  3. One of the best gifts of reading blogs is watching friendships and partnership bloom. You have been quite the "gardener" in all of this, Madame CC!

  4. A match made in heaven!! I look forward to both of your blogs every day!

  5. Congrats to Jennifer, I have loved her site from the start, and Bravo to both of you for featuring so much Chinoiserie beauty!

    2014 Artists Series

  6. You two are two Foo Dogs sitting on the Great Wall.... a pair with endless possibilities. That is as deep as I get.

  7. I love this story, Beth! Thank you for sharing!! I am so excited about Jennifer's well-deserved nomination... Go Team Jennifer! And congratulations on nearing your 3,000th post. that is absolutely amazing, I simply do not know how you do it! When will you write your book? :)

    The Glam Pad