Friday, September 6, 2013

Blue and White Rooms and Art by Kerry Steele

Sapphire Ribbon
If you are a lover of Chinoiserie, is there anything more classic or more beautiful than a blue and white room? I have three blue and white rooms in my home and they are my favorites. As you know, I love to mix Chinoiserie and modern abstract art. Kerry Steele has done a beautiful series of blue and white works on linen. These pieces are painted on clear primed linen that lets the natural flaxen color show as an element of the work. They are the perfect choice for the blue and white room or any room for that matter.

Kerry's work can be seen at Blue Print in Dallas, Texas and at Art First Gallery in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Her canvas pieces are also available through her own shop here. She sells her works on paper in her Etsy store here. She also works with interior designers and clients on commissioned pieces.

Kerry is also the newest independent artist to be selected for The Nearby. The Nearby is an iPhone app that hand-selects the best local boutiques and designers selling women's clothing, jewelry, art, and home accents.

Below are some of my favorite blue and white rooms and some of Kerry's blue and white on linen works currently available.

Ruthie Sommers

Be Cool

Gerald Pomeroy

Jumping Someone Else's Train

Betsy Burnham

Six-Four Impala

Carolyne Roehm

Bluestocking Babe

Carolyne Roehm

Blue Study 1

Mary McDonald

Blue Study 2


  1. I always seem to gravitate back to blue and white even if I have dalliances and obsessions for other colors. I love CRoehm's room...

  2. Love love love! I am currently redoing my bedroom blue and white. Should've done it from the start! It goes with everything and you can always toss a new accent color in. (Blue & white- the new black?)

  3. I'll have to check out her Fredericksburg displays! franki

  4. Love this! You have a great blog!

    Colorfully Living

  5. gorgeous blue and white rooms!!