Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2014 Color of the Year?

I have posted several times lately about how I am seeing more and more shades of purple used in interior design and how beautifully purple combines with Chinoiserie. I especially like lilacs and lavenders and soft purples with gray or blue undertones. I have a Pinterest board on the subject here. I remember being at a Farrow & Ball party a few years ago and asking one of the F&B executives why there was not lavender or lilac in their color range. The response was, "We don't do pretty colors." Farrow and Ball has now added a lavender gray I love called Calluna that they describe as "a much requested pretty heather colour." I guess they changed their minds.

Above is another wonderful example of combining purple and Chinoiserie - Nicolette Horn's master bedroom in Oslo in violet. I suspect that we are about to see colors in the purple family named as hot colors for 2014 and perhaps even as color of the year by someone. We shall see. For lots more inspiration on combining purple and Chinoiserie, don't miss my September Houzz Ideabook here.

Farrow & Ball Calluna


  1. Love this color, Calluna. And I never would have thought to do a Quadrille in lavender. I am one of those late to jump on the lilac bandwagon. For years, I've insisted I'd never do it. But clients have brought me around. I now have loads of beautiful fabric memos from lilac to deep purple. Maybe I'll have time someday to share them all on the blog. Thanks for another great post Beth!

  2. Beth good job; you probably had a part in bringing Farrow and Ball around to the Calluna color!

    I love the various shades of violets and purples. Nicolette's bedroom is gorgeous!

    2013 Artists Series!

  3. You are right, Beth. I've been noticing lots of lilacs and wines when out shopping lately. I think we're ready for a change!

  4. THAT color works with everything! franki