Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sisal, Seagrass, Jute & Chinoiserie

One project I am planning in my own home for this fall is replacing the carpet in the lower level. The carpeted areas include stairs, a hallway, the family room, my office, my dressing room, and a sitting room. I had one of those moments of enlightenment yesterday and decided to carpet it all in seagrass. I absolutely love the combination of the textural, neutral, organic, natural fiber rugs/carpet with Chinoiserie. The seagrass will also be perfect for layering other rugs I want to use like my Ben Ourain in my office. Here are some great examples and I have many more in my new Pinterest board on the subject here. Have any of you used sisal, seagrass, or jute as wall to wall?


  1. Beth,
    You're going to love it! It's a great unifier for design. Seagrass is also soft on the feet. I'm looking forward to seeing photos once its installed...

  2. Hi Beth, I just did a project where I used seagrass in the bedrooms and the library... and it looks stunning.

    I think the main thing to think about when doing the wall to wall is to have a VERY experienced installer with the seagrass. Also... the pattern is something you will want to discuss with the installer before you order since some patterns to not match easily at the seams. I used a four over four basket weave, which is much more difficult to seam than the two over four weave is... but the installer was a real pro at it and did an amazing job!

  3. I love it too, and it goes with everything! Also easy to add smaller rugs for a desired look.

  4. Check out wall-to-wall seagrass installation tips and experiences on Lauren Leiss's blog, Pure Style Home (she loves it). Since she's local, she probably also has installer recommendations.

  5. The only time I have ever used sisal I found it prickly on bare feet, and if I took my shoes off, and I was wearing stockings, I found it ripped them to shreds. I love the look of them but am wary of using it. I do believe that, unlike carpet, you can layer it with rugs which won't creep. I was wondering if I just had a cheap, bad one and better quality ones were softer?

    Also, I was wondering if you knew the maker or name for the wallpaper design used in that dining room image that has pink curtains and a vase of lily of the valley?