Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blogiversary, Giveaway, and New Inspiration Board

Today I have created an inspiration board for the entryway of my fantasy Chinoiserie Chic home. The walls are wallpapered in Thibaut's Cheetah. I absolutely adore the painting - a flamingo, a monkey, and a blue and white Chinese vase! It is by Kevin Sloan. The chandelier and coral chairs are by Marjorie Skouras. The pair of blance de Chine monkeys are antique and from 1st dibs as is the Dorothy Draper chest. I love these colors so much!

Today is my official four year blog anniversary - come enter my blogiversary giveaway here.


  1. Those chairs are fantastic. Happy anniversary and thank you for brightening my days with your wonderful posts.

  2. Gorgeous! Everything about this is very dramatic. '-)

  3. Love the painting, I am crazy about monkeys! In fact, my kitchen/dining area is covered in Shumacher's Singeries. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Congratulations on 4 AMAZING years!
    I cannot possibly catalog all the joy you and this beautiful blog have brought to my daily life! I look forward to every single post! This latest board is positively heart stopping! Adore that wallpaper! You are such a rock star!!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Beth!!

    The Glam Pad