Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Coral and Chinoiserie and My Redo

 I saw this vignette above and was absolutely smitten. I love the coral pink silk taffeta, the khaki Chinoiserie wallpaper, and the gold leaf table. I discovered it was by Nancy Pearson for the American Red Cross Designers Show House in Palm Beach - Traditional Home - 2013. Armed with this information, I wanted to see the whole bedroom.

I first found this enlarged view below and I thought - gee, I'm not liking the bed linens, the bed, the carpet, or the bed in front of the window.

Then I found this even larger photo and I'm still not liking the bed, the bed linens, the carpet, and the bed placement, and I also don't like the dinky chandelier and the fact that the Chinoiserie wallpaper is two unmatched panels.

This often happens to me where I see a beautiful close-up vignette but then don't like the rest of the room.

I would use my gold leaf Annie Selke pagoda bed (preferably not in front of the window), Leontine Linens with a coral monogram, a Marjorie Skouras Designs chandelier in pale blue, and a bound sisal rug. I would have either used one of the wallpapers for the entire room or as two matched panels.

Crazy day today - my painter arrives to start on my office, I need to work on my post for tomorrow's One Room Challenge update, and DC is bracing for its first snowstorm in two years starting tonight.


  1. I am going to agree with you on the bed. Maybe its a Florida thing.

  2. LOVE your ideas. The bed, the chandy the yummy colors...its all scrumptious. I loved that first picture the minute I saw it too!

  3. Agreed, the first picture is so beautiful, delicate and feminine. I would love a gilded table, I just can't find one here.

  4. Agree! So true about vignettes and the whole picture! Love the "tree", hate the "forest" in this case.

  5. I agree! Funny this often happens to me with paintings. Sometimes it's just a section of a painting that speaks to me rather than the whole. Makes me want the artist to just paint me that vignette or section of his piece.
    Hope all is well during the snow storm. They warm and cozy in your beautiful home.

  6. We've just come out of torrential rain in Queensland Australia as tropical lows circle our coastlines. February is a bad month ( at the extremes) weatherwise.I hope you weather the snow storm & keep dry & warm in DC.
    I am a fan of your suggestions. i think I gasped as I rolled through your blog.

  7. I so agree with you on this room Beth, and your inspiration pics are amazing!! I do like the panels on either side of the bed (although too bad they don’t match!) I think that is such a great way to splurge on handpainted Chinese wallpaper without breaking the bank!

    The Glam Pad