Thursday, January 17, 2013

Navy Zebra

I just snagged this unbelievably cute Maslan navy zebra "hide" beach towel and leather carry holster that retails for $225 for $40. The problem is that it is too fabulous for the beach and I don't even like the beach. It would make a great rug for a nursery or a huge bathroom, neither of which I have. Any ideas?

Update - To those of you who have emailed me to ask where I got it, I found it at a Neiman Marcus Last Call. And to the obnoxious Angie who suggested that I only purchase things I have a utilitarian use for, why are you following interior design blogs? Interior design is about beauty as well as function. Perhaps there might be a more appropriate use of your time. I'm just sayin....


  1. The texture might not be quite right but it could work as a throw across the end of a bed in a guest room. Maybe over a solid (pink) duvet.

  2. Gorgeous! How did you get it for $40?
    I need to have these by my pool!!!

  3. This would make an adorable throw for a vintage rattan sofa on a Florida patio, especially one decked out in blue and white porcelain, etc. i.e. MY Florida patio! NEED.THIS.NOW … heading to Last Call!! XOXO, The Glam Pad

  4. Stunning in a conservatory or on a porch....or you could be the most coordinated person at the gym! A towel like this could make me want to exercise and show it off! Also a spectacular gift for a special, jungle loving young man!