Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blue and White Dining Room DIY

I am crazy about this room I first saw via The Pink Pagoda. When I researched it thinking it was very expensively done, I was very pleasantly surprised. The chairs are from Ikea. I suspect they are the Harry at $49.99 that they slipcovered in a blue and white stripe. One could also use Henriksdal for $89.99 that you can get with a long white slipcover. The really big surprise is that the slipcovers were stenciled with Chinoiserie designs. A fabulous DIY. The Stencil Library has a huge selection.

Eddielicious just left a comment about a wonderful Waverly blue and white Chinoiserie toile that is an indoor/outdoor fabric that could be used for the slipcovers in lieu of stencilling at $10.98 a yard. Thanks for the great find - link and photo at bottom of post.

For the dining table you could find a great vintage version or use the classic and budget friendly West Elm Parsons Dining Table in Chocolate Oak.

Roman shades take very little fabric (usually a couple yards per window) so they are a budget friendly choice. I have shown two blue and white Chinoiserie fabrics I like, but there are many options out there in every price range.



West Elm Parsons Dining Table

Yosca Blue

Robert Allen Full Sails

Waverly Palm Palace


  1. I just posted this one on Pinterest would look great on the chair backs and only 10.99 yd!

  2. I have some of the Waverly fabric to make into a pillow for my office / college aged son's bedroom. Even though its outdoor fabric it drapes nicely. Obviously not an expensive feeling fabric but fine for a single indoor pillow! It has a quilted look which adds some texture.

  3. So Fresh, light and airy I love the feel and the furnishing!The chair covers are brilliant.

    Art by Karena