Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Inspiration - Christmas Decorating

Yes, I am already thinking about decorating for the holidays and this new pillow from Jamie Meares and Furbish is on my must have list - ginger jars with Christmas lights and neon pink pom pom fringe. The fabric was designed by Furbish Studio - fantastic!

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  1. Beth, not that I am even thinking about the holidays yet; I adore this pillow!

    I am not sure if you knew that I have been in and out of the hospital this past year with several surgeries. …I am now back at square one…..two weeks ago on Wednesday I incurred a total left hip displacement. The 911 Emergency Crew got me to Menorah Medical Center, where I stayed until late Saturday. They were able to get the hip back in place; however the surrounding muscles, nerves, etc are all stretched out.

    Oh, and It actually took me 7 hours to finally catapult out of the bathtub and crawl inch by inch to the den to reach my phone.

    I have never had this much pain in my life.

    I now have a 5Star Alert around my neck that will always be traceable. Another item is a hip /pelvic abductor brace which goes around my back, front and down the left side to my knee; I wear this all of the time. It is metal, hard plastic, and Velcro. It is Very uncomfortable, but necessary to hold my hip in the socket. In a month my surgeon will determine if I can start rehab.

    Do please pray that this hip heals. It has been almost a year… I am being as positive as possible! Thank God for friends and family (who have really gone above and beyond)

    Art by Karena