Monday, October 15, 2012

More Photoshopped Pink?

Coastal Living
Three different color versions of the same room by Diamond Baratta.

Diamond Baratta Design

via Interior Domain Designs


  1. The 2nd photo is like the one I posted recently. It came straight out of the Diamond Baratta book.

  2. That's really something. While I actually like the softer shades of the first shot, the second looks more like the stronger colors of Diamond and Baratta So it doesn't surprise me that, like the Pink Pagoda mentioned above, it's the one from their book.

    Do you think these are editorial choices to "recolor" these rooms this way, or is it just something that is a byproduct of magazine production? Makes one wonder.

  3. I guess you need to buy the book to find out what the designer intended? The second is my favorite.