Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Inspiration - My Saturday Score

As much as I love eBay, there is nothing like a real auction house for antiques. I think it is essential to see in person the colors, condition, patina, and the like. I won these yesterday at auction in Alexandria at Potomack Company, a huge pair of Oriental Fantastical Ships - watercolor on silk signed and dated Leila de Dampierre - 1941. I have learned online that she was a French poet, artist, and illustrator. Many of you may have read this week all the national and international press about the "suspicious" Renoir that was originally to be auctioned yesterday at the same auction.

The bid estimate was $300 - $500 and I had decided not to go over $500. I was thrilled when bidding began that there were no absentee bids or online bidders - the kiss of death for getting a good price. I was able to snag them for $200, and minutes later I had them safely ensconced in my A3 Audi - this is one of the reasons I love a hatchback - and on their way to their new home. They will hang in my dining room - the colors are perfect. I will take pictures once they are up.


  1. I love auctions. Go on Proxibid, they list all the upcoming auctions. You can either go to them if they are nearby, or bid online.

  2. They are beautiful. Can't wait to see them in your dining room. Wanda

  3. I love real auctions too. Especially for furniture that I do not want to pay expensive shipping on.

  4. dont publish

    is that the Audi from 50 shades of gray?

  5. You are one amazingly lucky gal!!! I LOVE THESE TWO PIECES! Very eager to see them in the dining room! And for an absolute STEAL, too!!! Good for you!!!

  6. Beht-
    You got a great deal. Lvoe them.
    Happy Sunday.

  7. I love what you found. I have never been to a live auction. Sounds like fun!