Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Domino on Newsstands Sort Of - UPDATE

My top two chucklehead corporate moves of all time were the Coca Cola debacle with "new Coke" and the older crowd at Conde Nast not understanding, mismanaging, and then killing Domino magazine. I still miss it. On the stands now is "Domino Best Rooms" available at Target, a special edition with classic Domino rooms and never before seen spaces. I plan to pick it up today and enjoy reading it sipping an old Coke. Here are some of my favorite Domino rooms.

Update - I just returned from Target with my copy and it is truly terrible. Save your $$$.


  1. Don't you wonder if anyone got fired over this stupid decision?

  2. Is the Domino magazine out sort of a soft cover version of the Domino Decorating hardback book? Would be interested in picking up if different photographs included. That was a favorite shelter magazine (along with Southern Accents) and I miss it, too.

  3. I keep trying to explain to our younger son about when Coke changed... how there was the new Coke, and then they changed it back, but it was never the same... Costco carries bottles of Coke made in Mexico from real sugar, but they are more expensive and we haven't tried them.

    Pretty living room (8th photo from the top)-- love the one bright pop of color from the pillow on the sofa...

  4. SERIOUSLY! I still miss Domino and I think we could start an entire BRING BACK DOMINO campaign! There are enough people that would get behind it!

  5. I miss Domino too. My best girlfriends and I would go get coffee and dive into every issue together. We did that with ReadyMade too and now it's gone as well.

    Diane- my husband loves the Mexican Coke. He is always on the look out for it!

  6. Beth,
    I got the issue myself and I missing something here.
    Was so disappointed. I used to wait each for each issue to come out and savor it. As a matter a fact I still have my old issues. Glad to hear I was not the only one who thought it was terrible!

  7. I will totally devote some time to a "Bring back Domino" campaign. When do we start?

    The Coke made in Mexico with sugar is worth every penny - and if in addition you can find it in glass bottles, you'll be extremely happy!