Thursday, June 7, 2012

Color Blocking Books

Were you intrigued by the Kevin Sharkey office I posted on yesterday with the books arranged by color? Here's more inspiration by Windsor Smith grouping books by color with blue and white Chinese porcelain.


  1. I am so not a fan of this trend. Right up there with books turned inward or books covered with vellum. I like to group my books by category, then by author. Since I have bookcases in every room of my house (except for bathrooms), easily finding a book I wanted to read could get "off-colored" really fast. My friends who are professors would never let me get over this color bomb!

  2. Would have loved the footstool and cushion to have been covered in a distinctive Clarence house etc, regardless, could I please have those rooms transported across the water, so comfortable and inviting, but would require a lot of dusting