Monday, April 9, 2012

The Top Ten Chinoiserie Pieces #5 Redux

I featured these Red Chow Nesting Tables on Friday for $6,255 together with a great look alike piece from LIV Vintage that sold in about 5 seconds, so here are a couple other great High/Low ideas. What about this high gloss red Lack table from Ikea for $12.99? I bought one last week in this color and love it. It's the new home for my I'm a Giant Challenge Chinoiserie Chic dollhouse. Jazz the Lack table up for a few bucks like Jenny of Little Green Notebook did here. Or what about the Red Chow Square Leg Table pictured in the last photo for $119? You'll save about $6,000!


  1. I love that red table--don't have much luck with Ikea-I think I'm bad at putting it all together--but this table might get me to try again!