Monday, April 9, 2012

Chinoiserie Shelving High/Low

This is Bungalow 5's new Clairmont collection with its beveled mirror shelves.  This is a perfect project for all you talented DIY types using Ikea pieces and adding mirrors. I of course love the staging with the Chinese porcelain and Chinoiserie wallpaper. The wallpaper is Meg Braff's Up a Tree in Ming and Brighton Your Pavillion in Mocasin. This is likely the English major in me, but why is pavillion misspelled with a double l and why is mocasin misspelled with one c? And no, there are no alternative spellings for either word. Very odd.

Up a Tree in Ming

Brighton Your Pavillion in Mocasin

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  1. I can't spell well! I feel for the proof reader. However, I can DIY this.