Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Series - The Top 10 Chinoiserie Pieces

Red Quan Chair
Elle Decor asked Chinoiserie experts Thomas Jayne and Katie Ridder for their top 10 Chinoiserie pieces. Each day, I will show you one of their picks, then my pick at a MUCH better price. The finale will be my own top ten Chinoiserie pieces. Sound fun?

Piece number one is this Quan Chair by Jinr from Jia Moderne. This acrylic chair is available in red or clear. It costs $3,755 plus $275 shipping for a total of $4,030 in red and $3,480 plus $275 shipping for a total of $3,755 in clear. My pick is the Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitlet Mi Ming Armchair inspired by the classical Quanyi or horseshoe chair. Philippe Starck is of of course the famous French designer of such iconic pieces as the Louis Ghost chair. It is available for $561 plus free shipping. The armrest or fuschou comes in red, black white, or silver (silver is an additional $57.00). I prefer the elegant lines of my pick and the price!

Clear Quan Chair

Mi Ming Armchair


  1. Beth I do agree what a price difference!

    Gorgeous chair!

    Art by Karena

  2. Wow! similar look for way less!!! I like this series!!!

  3. These chairs are gorgeous. I'm dying for some lucite. It's just what my boring, staid living room needs!

  4. Those are fabulous and I agree, the lines of your pick are more elegant. I must get some Lucite soon.

  5. Both chairs are lovely. But I have to be loyal to Betsy Sweat, friend and owner of Jia Moderne, I love her Quon chair best!