Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm A Giant Challenge - The Orange and Turquoise Dining Room

The dining room is an eclectic take on Chinoiserie, combining the classic and the modern -

Classic Chinoiserie wallpaper, but in a modern orange colorway
A trendy black and white chevron rug
Turquoise blue Panton chairs
A vintage chandelier found in a Paris flea market
A peacock perches atop a black and gold lacquered Chinoiserie stand
Silk taffeta curtains in Suzanne Tucker's Pagoda in Coral hang on a gilded rod
A very modern glass topped table with a black lacquered "X" base from Amazing Miniatures


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to your I'm A Giant Challenge installment every day! I could study every room for days.

  2. it just keeps getting better! How fun it must have been to put this together--you can push the mix in a dollhouse in a way that feels riskier in real life.


  3. It's all about the mix, Beth, and this works just beautifully!