Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CurtainsMade4U - Silk

Alessandra Branca
When choosing curtains for the Chinoiserie home, there are two perfect categories of choices. The first is fabrics with Chinoiserie motifs like Chinoiserie toiles with their whimsical depiction of pagodas, parasols, monkeys, elephants, peacocks, cherry blossoms, trees, birds, bamboo, and the like. The Chinoiserie Collection of CurtainsMade4U has many wonderful examples. These patterned fabrics tend to work best in rooms that have painted walls or monochromatic walls where the curtains can become a real focal point.

Wallpaper is a huge trend today, and if you are lucky enough to have a room papered in a Chinoiserie wallpaper, my favorite choice for curtains is silks. Whether dupioni or taffeta, solid or striped, choose a color from your Chinoiserie wallpaper for your silk window treatments and you will have a very elegant room. The room above by Alessandra Branca is a great example with its Fromental Chinoiserie wallpaper and silk taffeta curtains. Check out CurtainsMade4U's beautiful collection of silks below and here.

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