Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chinoiserie Halloween

This lovely bedroom by New York interior designer Sara Story is a marvelous mix of Chinoiserie, Hermes, and modern. Created for the Orchard Hill Show House, it was featured in Traditional Home. The mansion's location amidst the soaring trees of Old Westbury Gardens inspired her to use a wallpaper with birds and branches. But instead of the more expected choice of a blue background for the sky, she chose the orange Gracie wallpaper to create the feeling of the sky at sunset. The Hermes pillow, throw blanket, and boxes give the room a luxe and chic edge, while the sleek black furnishings really pop against the orange walls. With its combination of orange and black, this room is fresh and modern, yet elegant and fanciful.


  1. Beth I see my Daughter just paid you a visit. I was telling her how much I liked your blog. We both
    are Chinese crazy..I was always in Clarence House when I was working.
    I am retired so long now, I have mildewed.. yvonne

  2. Uh Oh! We might be having a chinoiserie dollhouse-off! I found your site by googling "chinoiserie" for dollhouse inspiration is Coco Chanels paris apartment. post pics to my site as you get them!

  3. There is something about using brand names and logo schemes that turns me off. Don't get me wrong: I love the decor. The orangerie is awesome!!! But there is something about stacking up all of those Hermes boxes that screams: "Look how rich I am!"