Monday, September 19, 2011

Very High End Chinoiserie Lighting

Large Pagoda - $7,500
If money is no object, these pagoda Chinoiserie lighting fixtures from Chameleon Fine Lighting are show stoppers.

Pagoda - $3,990

Beijing - $5,900

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  1. I found a large, gorgeous faux bamboo chandelier last week for $125 at a local consignment store. I bought it to sell, but after I got home with it I knew it wasn't leaving my house. It will go in my kitchen or breakfast room which are both blue and white. I've been trying to decide what color it will be and after looking at all your photos of beautiful red chinoiserie fixtures, it's obvious that red is the way to go! I love this series you're doing. As always, thank you for sharing your incredible eye with us!