Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Orange and Turquoise Chinoiserie

Kendall Wilkinson
This room by Kendall Wilkinson is a favorite of mine. I'm sure it was this room that launched our love affair with using orange, turquoise, and Chinoiserie together. Stay tuned this week for my interview with Kendall and a look at her amazing portfolio. We will also be finishing up our series on Chinoiserie and Color with blue, green, and blue and white. Have a great idea for an upcoming series you'd like to see? Leave a comment or email me.

Meg Braff

Domicile Interiors

Miles Redd - Note the Orange Book

Betsy Burnham

Diane Bergeron

A More Subdued Version

Palmer Weiss



My Entryway

My Dining Room

The Pink Pagoda - Etsy

Annechovie - Etsy


  1. Love the orange and turquoise. So many images! What a great collection.

  2. A m a z I n g collection of this bold colorway!
    Many thanx for the eye candy