Friday, August 26, 2011

Miles Redd - Courageous Color and Chinoiserie

The iconic bird cage bedroom above from Domino Magazine made me fall completely in love with the style of Miles Redd. Raised in Atlanta, he began his design career in New York working for antiques dealer John Rosselli and later interior designer Bunny Williams. His style is bold, glamourous, elegant, colorful, and fearless. As you can see, he loves Chinoiserie and uses it with great flare. Here is my interview with Miles and a sampling of my favorite rooms from his portfolio.

Q - How do you use Chinoiserie?

A - I like it as an organic relief to geometry of architecture.

Q - Why do you like to use Chinoiserie?

A - I love a combination of masculine and feminine, and chinoiserie can strangely be both, but to me it is mostly pretty, and can add a sense of fantasy. One feels good in chinoiserie, which is why I use it.


  1. I have been lusting after the bed in the "birdcage bedroom" ever since I first saw it. I finally emailed Miles Redd's office to find out about it, but unfortunately (for me), it was custom made. Darn! Now I have to see if I can find a similar one. Wish me luck!

  2. My fantasy is to win the lottery and have Mary McDonald and Miles Redd design and decorate a house for me! This post is a permanent keeper...

  3. Superb collection of his work - just love how the chevron rugs mix in with it! Love it!