Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meg Braff - A Passion for Color and Chinoiserie

I am excited to bring you my interview with interior designer Meg Braff. In launching my new series on Chinoiserie and Color, Meg was such a natural choice because no interior designer is more adept at using vibrant and beautiful colors with elements of Chinoiserie. Meg's style is elegant, chic, fresh, fun, whimsical, and timeless. Although her entire portfolio is amazing, to me nobody does beach houses better than Meg Braff.  Her work includes homes in Palm Beach, Jamaica, Bermuda, Newport, Long Island, and the Hamptons. Please enjoy the interview and some of my favorites from her wonderful portfolio. There were so many rooms I love that I have saved many for a second post during this series.

Q - How to you use Chinoiserie?

A - I have used chinoiserie in many ways, but I think it has the broadest appeal in a more stylized form such as a curtain valance, a headboard or upholstery detail. A chinoiserie fabric or a wallpaper can add a wonderful dose of style as well.

Q - Why do you like to use Chinoiserie?

A - I love to use chinoiserie because it adds a bit of style and whimsy to a space but yet has wonderful historical reference. It can be more documentary or really over the top fun.

Q - What does Chinoiserie add to a room?

A - It can add style, color and scale to a room. It can make a huge statement if you so desire.

Q - What are your favorite Chinoiserie pieces?

A - My favorite pieces are lacquered coffee tables which are adaptable in many types of spaces and can go a bit modern. I also love lacquered screens which are wonderful at eye level and are a beautiful form of artwork.

Q - To what do you attribute Chinoiserie's appeal for centuries and its recent resurgence?

A - I think much of the resurgence of chinoiserie is that it has recently been used in a way that is appealing to the modernist and the traditionalist. There are so many ways to go with it that are original but yet classic.

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  1. Great interview!! I love Meg Braff and her fabulous sense of style. Thanks for the interview, and sharing her beautiful body of work. So elegant.

  2. Every room is beautiful.
    Elegante, it's hard to choose
    which room I like best.

    Fabulous post


  3. Wow, fabulous! They are all tastefully and aesthetically decorated. Happened to stumble upon your blog and its really nice... captivating pictures.
    Karen Xavier.