Thursday, July 7, 2011

Red Chinoiserie Wallpaper High/Low

Betsy Burnham-de Gournay
Love the idea of red Chinoiserie wallpaper, but with a better price point than Gracie or de Gournay? Thibaut has some wonderful red Chinoiserie wallpaper choices.




  1. Thibaut has been a long time favorite of mine for fabric and wall paper. Tons of charm and style without killing off the bank acct.

    Rebecca R. Dyer

  2. Also, I keep going back to the Gracie room. Possibly it is the light, but it seems flat. I do not care for the mixed chairs. The rug isn't right. The room doesn't come together for me. I'm wondering if others have similar thoughts.

  3. Rebecca, I couldn't agree with you more. The mixed chairs have to go. Should have hunted longer for a rug as well.

  4. I used a red Thibaut Chinoiserie wallpaper in the entrance hall of a house I redid in the '90s. The floors were existing white marble with green marble insets and the base molding was matching green marble. It looked smashing. Recently, I discovered a listing for the house on a realtor website and the whole house had been extensively renovated and redone EXCEPT for that foyer with the red wallpaper. And it still looked great. Such a timeless look.