Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day

Please excuse my absence today. We lost power last evening after our first major snow of the season here in DC and it was just restored. Back tomorrow after a hot shower, hot meal, and warm bed.


  1. Stay warm! I don't envy spending a winter's night in a house with no heat - I remember when we were without power during a snow storm for almost a week a few years back (when I lived in northern Indiana). Thankfully my in-laws, who lived about a mile away, didn't lose power, so we were able to sleep there until the power was restored.

  2. oh my....
    even though i love the snow
    i wouldn't like to have my power out.

    get warm, stay cozy

  3. Wou! I'm in love with your blogs! I've already visited Style Redux, and adored it! You have a new follower! Have a great day! XoXo

  4. Us too here in NY! Its son is in school in DC and thought he was going to escape the harsh NY winters...not so lucky as I hear you got quite a bit too.
    Well stay warm and safe.....spring is only a few months away!