Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Chinoiserie Kitchen

This kitchen by Sara Gilbane may be small, but it lives large with all its wonderful blue and white Chinoiserie touches. Note the blue and white Chinoiserie wallpaper on the backs of the glass front kitchen cabinets displaying a gorgeous collection of Chinoiserie china. I love the way the white cabinets have been edged in blue. In the photo below, the blue and white roman shade, the blue and white Chinese porcelain, and the orchid are all great ideas.


  1. The blue trim on the cabinets is a brilliant touch, and a great way to personalize a basic white kitchen. Love the wallpaper, too, of course.

  2. Love the wallpaper adding more color and pattern. Painting that blue on the door trim must have been insanely tedious. The result is stunning.

  3. this just goes to show you that with just the right touch you can achieve a beautiful chinoiserie effect. you are not bowled over by the look, it's very subtle and very beautiful. i like this a lot.


  4. Another wonderful post and so very inspiring, taking notes as always! Just love the dishes, the blue trim on the cabinets...well all of it!!! Thanks for sharing as always!!

  5. Home Before Dark-You'd need a very steady hand as well.

  6. i missed this old post.
    it has beautiful examples of what can done.

    tre chic