Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Chinoiserie Fantasy Christmas Wish List

Here is my Christmas list, just in case Santa has a thing for Chinoiserie too.

1. My own garden folly like The Chinese House at Potsdam above.

2. All my towels and sheets monogrammed in Leontine Linens Chopstick.

3. An antique red lacquer secretary (Ann Getty).

4. A wall of Blanc de Chine (Kevin Sharkey).

5. A giclee by Harrison Howard.

6. A room papered in de Gournay, Fromental, or Gracie.

7. A massive pair of blue and white porcelain ginger jars (Carolyne Roehm).

May all your Christmas wishes come true.


  1. What a fun wish list! Love the towels;)


  2. believe it- or not, I have been looking for the photograph of Ann Getty's tree I promised. I thought it would emerge amongst the Christmas papers. Not yet. la

  3. FYI the handpainted wallpaper in the photo is Gracie (SY-210). I was at the site during installation and it was a very cool Greenwich Village apartment belonging to a very cool young couple. The paper was custom designed for the extra high walls. Thanks for the photo!

  4. Jaime-Yes, that monogram is fabulous.

  5. Little Augury-Thanks for looking-I've googled it and haven't found it.

  6. Mike-Yes, I did an entire previous post on the Janklow's home office as photographed in Vogue and all Gracie is custom done. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Ah yes, just found the Janklow post--thanks! Thanks also for the Sarah Story piece last spring with our "Hermes" orange. That was one of my favorite Gracie rooms ever!


  8. FABULOUS garden folly! I think that surpasses Marie Antionette's - and I'll take the chopstick embroidery too.

  9. Wow! That is a great Christmas list! I hope you get everything you want, especially the embroidered towels!

  10. That red secretary looks so delicious against the wallpaper and huge billowing drapes- with those bows. Add one to the list of people who now want those monogrammed towels, too!