Monday, November 2, 2009

Mary McDonald

Would you describe your style as preppy or Hollywood Regency? Love classic and clean, but glamorous? Is your color palette clear, fresh colors like blue and white, pink and green, or pink and navy? Then Mary McDonald is likely your style. She loves Chinoiserie and uses it in a very fresh and modern way. Check out these wonderful examples from her portfolio. Be sure to note these ideas to employ yourself. For more of her work, click here.

1. Garden stools as seating, coffee tables, or side tables
2. Lots of white
3. Chinese porcelain collections-blue and white, celadon, Blanc de Chine, or monochromes
4. Painted ceilings-don't forget that fifth wall
5. Pagodas
6. Trellis patterned fabric and wallpaper
7. Rich, clear colors
8. Bold patterns
9. Symmetry everywhere-pairs of lamps, chairs, pillows, stools
10. Mixing classic and crazy
11. Start neutral-then pile it on
12. Lucite
13. Monograms
14. A dose of black


  1. The combinations of color and pattern in Mary McDonald's interiors always seem to hit a perfect note, and she keeps reaching for new and different ways to put them together. It's great to see so many varied examples of her efforts in one place.

  2. We just love her work! So fresh and fun. She has an amazing way of mixing antiques with modern. You are so right about her colors perfect.

  3. LOVE Mary McDonald! I think she has a real fresh approach to colors, and love how she incorporates chinoserie and other H.Regency elements. The list you made was a great summary. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. The brown with white, the navy/white patterns with orange accents...LOVE so many of these looks, thanks for posting..

  5. My answer to all your questions is "yes"! But you know that already, I suspect. :)

  6. Gosh I love those ceramic garden stools - hell, I must get one or two one day!!

  7. Harrison-She knows how to use bold colors in a sophisticated way unlike some popular designers whose bold colors end up looking garish.

  8. CC-She has wonderful taste and style-I am a big fan too.

  9. Kit-Such beautiful rooms-I love the blue and white with the pink ceiling too!

  10. Averill-Yes, I think I surmised as much.

  11. Lady Jicky-I use them everywhere-I love their versatility.

  12. You were right: I love Mary McDonald. These are some of my favourite rooms but I confess I never knew who the designer was. I love all your lush chinoiserie.. it's like strawberries and cream and champagne!

  13. Rose C'est La Vie-Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to have connected the dots on Mary McDonald-she is so talented.