Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Farrow & Ball The Bamboo Papers

This gorgeous wallpaper is the newest collection from Farrow & Ball-The Bamboo Papers. The collection, inspired by the Orient, features a classic bamboo pattern adapted from a 19th century Japanese print. It is available in 30 colors and 2 pattern sizes. Colors range from soft and muted pastels and earth tones to metallics to bold and graphic black on white, red, or deep blue grounds. If you have not seen Farrow & Ball wallpaper in person, you have no idea what you are missing. This wallpaper is produced using Farrow & Ball paint, not ink printed, so its depth, richness, elegance, and beauty is without equal. Here is a list of ideas on using it in your home. Since the paper uses F & B paint, it works beautifully to use the wallpaper on one wall, then F & B paint on the other walls. The paint used is also environmentally friendly.

1. Powder room
2. Entryway
3. The wall behind your bed
4. One wall in a kitchen to visually define an eating area
5. Hallway
6. Framed as artwork.
7. Dining Room
8. Closet
9. Pair a paper with black bamboo with black baseboards as pictured
10. A powder room with paper in gold or silver bamboo with ceiling painted gold or silver, or, if you are mega talented, gold or silver leafed!

For another Farrow & Ball collection with Chinoiserie flair, check out this previous post on The Lotus Papers on my other blog Style Redux. Where would you use this paper?


  1. Those are unbelievable! I love Farrow and Ball and I LOVE the bamboo collection. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG. I just picked myself up off the floor having fainted dead away when I saw the light blue and gold choice. I've been thinking of papering my tiny master bath's water closet in something with Chinoiserie flair. I already have blue and brown walls punctuated by a few colorized BW photos of geisha primping as well as a big pocketwatch clock. The F & B will be perfect!!! Thanks!

  3. CC-I think the color range makes it so flexible. I love it.

  4. Kitty-The blue and gold is my favorite-really wonderful.

  5. I saw this paper today when I was buying F&B's Lamp Room Gray for my master bath and I instantly thought of you -- of course, though, you're already on top of things!

    I think my favorite is the silver leaf bamboo with the blue background.