Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chinoiserie Entrance

Why not have the entrance to your home give a sneak peek of the Chinoiserie to come? Here is the exterior of interior designer Nathan Turner's L.A. shop. Turner decorated it in blue and white inside and out to host Caroylne Roehm's A Passion for Blue and White book signing. This photo and link to other great pictures from the party courtesy of All the Best. The pair of blue and white Chinese fishbowls with topiaries is stunning. Pointers-make sure to put drainage holes in the bottom if they don't already have them-a lamp store will do it for you if you're intimidated to drill them yourself. Moss on the top adds an elegant touch. Ivy, boxwood, juniper, laurel, or other topiaries would all work well, depending on your climate. I have used Chinese porcelain in my garden for twenty years so don't worry-it is incredibly strong. A pair of blue and white garden stools is also a beautiful addition to the garden.


  1. What a great idea. I have a huge B & W planter....guess it's going to my front porch!

  2. Sande-I use blue and white planters and garden stools in my garden and at my doors. The blue and white really pops against brick, stone, or green foliage. The garden stools are also stunning next to a pool or pond.