Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day

Carolyne Roehm

Labor Day is here and and summer is officially over. The garden centers are filled with chrysanthemums and it won't be long until I am headed to Trader Joe's for a trunkload of heirloom pumpkins. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is enjoying a great long weekend. My daughter and I have a fun day of our favorites planned today - a girl's day out of lunch and shopping. Tomorrow the school buses and traffic return!

Carolyne Roehm


Vickie H. said...

Such a lovely post! Yes, fall is at our door already! This year is flying by!

Kathie Truitt said...

When living in Virginia I was a member of the Capital Speakers Club and was the chair for our special event. My husband had connections with Carolyne Roehm's beau and when I emailed her to come and speak she did so for free!! Because she was so incredibly generous we allowed her to do a book signing of her latest book 'Flowers'. That evening I also planned an intimate cocktail party with a different crowd of people. Needless to say she was VERY popular and she sold many, many books. She is such a lovely person.