Thursday, January 9, 2014

#9 - The Top Ten Chinoiserie Trends for 2014

I am thrilled to welcome Jennifer of The Pink Pagoda to talk about my #9 Chinoiserie Trend for 2014 - Blue and White Chinese porcelain. Blue and white Chinese porcelain is always in style, but lately it has taken center stage, gracing virtually every beautiful room you see. This trend will continue to be very strong in 2014.

Jennifer is my go-to source for blue and white inspiration. Her blog The Pink Pagoda, as you all know, is a wonderful resource for inspiration on decorating with blue and white. Jennifer has a gorgeous post each Monday aptly named Blue and White Monday. Several months ago, she started her Blue and White Bash Linking Party inviting all of us to link up with our own blue and white posts. Her Etsy store is filled with blue and white giclees that are a huge hit in the interior design world.

Her accessories store is my favorite source on the internet for stunning blue and white Chinese porcelain pieces. And Jennifer has just added a "Walls" section where she will be selling original works of art by several artists including Kerry Steele. These pieces are originals and exclusive to The Pink Pagoda, and will either feature blue and white Chinese porcelain or be designed to work perfectly with blue and white Chinese porcelain. What an amazing idea!

An umbrella stand from The Pink Pagoda in my One Room Challenge laundry room
Now sit back with a cup of coffee or tea on this brisk winter morning and enjoy Jennifer's insights on blue and white for 2014. Thanks so much Jennifer!

I'm loving this series on Chinoiserie trends for 2014, Beth!  Blue and white has never been out, but it's definitely been on the upswing for a couple of years, and there's no end in sight.  

I'm noticing blue and white used at more weddings and parties.  In fact, I'm receiving large orders from customers who will use vases, jars and planters at their events.

Using blue and white on the table has become more popular than ever. Besides big statement jars in the center of the table, smaller pieces scattered with blooms are beautiful, and I'm seeing so much of this look.

I can't keep this ginger jar in stock.  I've just recently gotten some in, but they won't last long.

While the taller jar remains highly sought after, the melon jar is gaining in popularity.  I'm seeing it more and more online and in magazines, and I love it.  A collection looks stunning in bookcases and the smaller ones can be taken out and used on the table, too.

When I first opened my shop, ginger jars were clearly the most popular.  Now, I'm seeing customers purchasing more planters and bowls.  

Orchids planted in a large bowl are always a show stopper.

My faux green apples are lower maintenance, though : )

Are you noticing all the incredible photos in magazines, on blogs and on Pinterest of all the blue and white with florals?  I'm seeing more and more which I'm so very much enjoying.  Below are a few of mine. 

All of the beautiful flowers in blue and white I'm seeing everywhere gave me the idea to ask my artist friend Kerry Steele to create these watercolors for my customers.  They flew out of my shop in just a few hours, and she's busy painting more.  

Thank you for allowing me to share my blue and white observations, Beth!


The enchanted home said...

Love this and white is always a hit. Wishing you a happy 2014!

Velvet said...

What a great article - B&W is timeless - I don't know why I've been resistant to it for so long because I absolutely love it now that I've incorporated a few pieces at home.

Leslie at Lekalia Interiors said...

I'm obsessed with b&w ginger jars! They really are timeless and elegant. Love this post!

home before dark said...

Love this and I can't wait until my remodel from hell is over and I get to decorate! Jennifer's blue and white is at the top of my list.

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

beautiful job Jennifer! I may need some of these jars for the new house!! I have to look at your shop!

Carrie @ Cosy Carolina Interiors said...

As trends go, I'm loving this one! Great photo inspiration! There are a few things I would love to splurge on in your shop, Jennifer! :)

Andrea said...

Jennifer is my go-to source for blue and white inspiration as well! Such a lovely post!!

The Glam Pad

The Pink Pagoda said...

Thank you for letting me share, today -- LOVED getting to do it!!

My Notting Hill said...

Jennifer - Love the orchids in that huge bowl. That's such a great idea for brides to use chinoiserie for the weddings, love that!

Beth - Happy 2014!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I am in love with the melon jars. There is something about their scale that makes them so appealing to me. I have the one in the center of that picture and it is stunning in person. Fun post.

marlene said...

Such a beautiful post today. I have purchased from Jennifer and have been so pleased with my blue and white!

stephanie at Stephanie Kraus Designs said...

oh my gosh - love this post! LOve blue and white and am paying close attention to this series!

Junell said...

Gorgeous! Working on my book shelves & def needed this inspiration!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

Great Jennifer's work and love blue and white...did you notice P.B. catalog that just came out..all blue and white!

Karena Albert said...

Blue and white porcelain is so classic and a joy to see!
The Arts by Karena

Michelle Woeller said...

I've loved blue & white porcelain for quite some time, and I enjoy seeing the different ways people use it in decorating. While my pieces are large, I'm on the lookout now for smaller pieces to use as accents on a tray or stack of books or in the bathroom. Blue & white porcelain is front and center right now, but it's a timeless classic too! Thanks for the beautiful photos to brighten up my dreary wintery Friday! Elle

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I believe people have been in love with chinoiserie forever without knowing what it is.
These images are gorgeous, Jennifer. Your collection of blue and white and your art are stunning.

Mel Craven said...

I'm one of the people who recently made a "blue and white" Pinterest board! but actually my interest in Chinoiserie isn't recent. My mother turned me onto blue & white porcelain years ago. Its popularity seems to come and go, but I still love it and probably always will.

Enjoying these posts immensely!