Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Purple and Chinoiserie

Suzanne Kasler - Veranda - Gracie Wallcovering
I must admit that purple was never a favorite color of mine in fashion or interior design, but, as with most things, combine it with Chinoiserie, especially lavender or lilac and I love it. This bathroom by Suzanne Kasler with its Gracie wallcovering is absolutely gorgeous. Here is more inspiration on combining purple and Chinoiserie and my Pinterest board on the subject.


Karen Albert said...

Beth, I do love the soft grayed lavenders and then add a pop of a deeper raspberry or fuchsia in accents. Gorgeous!

Art by Karena

marlene said...

Beth, I am not fond of purple, but your post today is beautiful...as always. I loved your post on checks and Chinoiserie.

Merlin said...

I could LIVE in that bathroom!! fanki

Mary Maki Rae said...

I Enjoy your Blog so much-!
A Beautiful Post on Shades of Lavender -! Love the Hue especialy
with White-!
Thanks for sharing -

Andrea said...

I love purple, but I've always been a pink girl... I think you are either one or the other. That said, I truly appreciate purple in all of its lovely shades. This is a beautiful post!

The Glam Pad