Friday, March 30, 2012

Peacocks at Target

Peacocks are a hot trend in Chinoiserie interior design including all these taxidermied ones. Sorry, but I am way too much of an animal lover and way too squeamish to have stuffed dead animals in my house, especially in the dining room - creepy! I just bought a pair of these darling metal peacocks at Target. This Target photo does not do it justice. They can be used indoors or out. I am going to use them in my garden for a very Mary McDonald look.

Celerie Kemble - Lonny

Celerie Kemble - Lonny

Anna Sui's Home

Jeffrey Bilhuber - Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Peacocks at Target


Vickie H. said...

Read the reviews of the Target offering....some said they had found them in stores but on the Target website it says 'not sold in stores'. Worth going to look to see if they have any..would like to actually see & touch them. PLEASE DO share a picture when you have them placed in your garden area. I love the colors, of course!

Beth Connolly said...

I got them in my local store. Will try to post if I ever get a free moment!

Ann said...

I agree with you completely about loving animals too much to use their stuffed, dead bodies as ornaments in my home. The Target peacock looks like it has possibilities. I cannot wait to see photos of it in situ in your garden.

My Crafty Home Life said...

How fun. I wonder if my dog would bark at them?