Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

(Photo courtesy of Rodney Smith)

Friday, October 30, 2009

French Chinoiserie and Cote de Texas

As you know if you are a follower of Chinoiserie Chic, I am a firm believer that Chinoiserie elements work in any style home, adding elegance, sophistication, whimsy, beauty, and individuality to your space. Joni Webb from Cote de Texas has certainly shown us all that French design is alive and well in Texas. But what about Chinoiserie? Today is a little photo journal of the home, design work, and designers admired by Cote de Texas to show you how beautifully Chinoiserie melds with French interior design. All photos are courtesy of Cote de Texas.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creating Drama with Chinese Porcelain

Instant Chinoiserie drama can be created with the addition to your home of oversized Chinese porcelain pieces. Perfect spots are an entry like this gorgeous Charlotte Moss example above, a mantle or fireplace, or a dining room table. Pedestals add to the impact. These need not be antiques or fine pieces-the pair in front of my family room fireplace were $60 for the pair from Pier One Imports.

Carolyne Roehm


via Chic Coles

Kensington Palace

My home

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Smith and the White House

I thoroughly enjoyed Michael Smith's lecture last night at the Corcoran. He was adorable, sophisticated, articulate, soft spoken, funny, self-deprecating, yet self-assured. Anyone who loves Chinoiserie and dogs is my kind of guy. Providing an overview of his work and his product lines, I was struck by how non-formulaic and fresh his homes are. The Q and A's were moderated by George Stephanopoulis' wife and actress Ali Wentworth as Mr. Smith claimed to need a Washington insider. But as we all know, this California boy has become the penultimate Washington insider. Ms. Wentworth was hysterical and added much fun to the evening. As I fully expected, he is not one to kiss and tell and provided no details of his work at the White House which is now virtually completed. I thought it would be fun to pick some rooms of his that I would love to see in the Obama White House. As the private living quarters often remain private until the end of an administration, we may have to keep guessing. Above, we know Michelle likes yellow and this living room reminds me of a modern version of a room from the Reagan White House. Below, with its hand painted historical murals and red leather chairs, a perfect dining room for the private quarters.

I love this sophisticated and Zen shogun kitchen for the family kitchen.

I predict that the Obama's bedroom will include vintage Chinoiserie wallpaper and a canopy bed.

A sophisticated but fresh look for one of the girl's rooms that would grow with her, featuring a Michael Smith designed bed.

This cozy "crib" room as Mr. Smith calls it would be a lovely girl's room.

An elegant bedroom for Michelle's mother.