Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Chinoiserie Pet Feeder

This Temple Standing Feeder made by These Creatures is an example of a product that combines great design and great function. By elevating it, the feeder is ergonomic which facilitates better digestion and reduces neck and back pain in your stylish dog or cat. It comes in three sizes and colors in Parakeet, Coral,or Limesicle. All their products are designed and made under one roof in the USA and produced to order, to reduce waste and improve sustainability. These Creatures has a wonderful line of pet items, is an environmentally responsible company, and is serious about donating a portion of its profits to contribute to the welfare of animals. On top of all that, you can get rid of those ugly bowls and replace them with this Chinoiserie modern work of art. Take 10% off any order over $100 with code TCJUNE09.

The Pagoda Dog Bed III

Another darling pagoda dog bed on the cover of June 2008 Italian Vogue with Linda Evangelista found via the adorable Nick Olsen

Monday, June 29, 2009

Modern Chinoiserie Art

For some fascinating modern Chinoiserie works of art, visit the website of Stephanie Douet. This British artist creates furniture, sculpture, and objects based on historical designs and artifacts. I am especially taken with this Chinoiserie computer reclamation art. The paintings on these computer parts are taken from  Ming designs.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chinoiserie Umbrellas

I am crazy about these umbrellas for the beach or patio to add Chinoiserie flair to your outdoor summer living. This wonderful Pagoda Umbrella above is from Pier One Imports. It is $169.99 and very chic! The umbrella below is the Venezia from Z Gallerie and on sale for $148.99. I love the black and white stripes and tassels. The last umbrella is the Soho Square at Z Gallerie on sale for $185.99. Don't you like the Greek key design and tassels? It is also available in orange design. Let's bring Chinoiserie outdoors-check out these posts of mine for more ideas on Chinoiserie outdoors: the garden stool, the entrance, the shed, the door, and alfresco dining.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cheap de Chine

Blanc de Chine is fabulous, but can also be fabulously expensive. Here are some wonderful pieces from Z Gallerie that will give you the look, without the price tag. All are extremely well priced, and Z Gallerie is offering 20% off on accessories with code M20. Check out these previous posts on Blanc de Chine as well. 

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Chinoiserie Bed

The bed crown or corona is a dramatic and elegant addition to any bedroom. These three Chinoiserie versions are all wonderful and surprisingly budget friendly. Each can be used with your existing headboard or no headboard at all. As each is quite elaborate, the fabric panels you use can be quite simple. I would look at white or off white silk or cotton panels at places like Pottery Barn. If  trim is wanted, have your dry cleaners sew it on. You will be delighted to learn that one of these is only $69.99. Note that at The Well Appointed House all orders in June over $300 enjoy 20% off with code june2009summersale.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Pagoda Dog Bed II

I think this pagoda dog bed is incredible. Each is custom made in your choice of fabrics, trims, and finishes. Note the gold bells and tasseled tie-backs. I wonder if I would fit in it?

The Pagoda Dog Bed

I really want a pagoda bed for myself and one for my dog Izzy. Could this be any cuter? I know several of my readers with Pugs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Italian Greyhounds, Dachshunds, and West Highland Terriers are going to be wanting one too!

Chinoiserie in the Obama White House

Word has it that White House interior designer Michael Smith will be using Chinoiserie in the Presidential bedroom at the White House! Pictured here is a Chinoiserie bedroom done by Michael Smith featured in his book Elements of Style. I can't wait to hear more!

Chinoiserie Chargers

Since we are having fun this week focusing on setting the Chinoiserie table, here are lacquerware plate chargers you will not believe. Just check out the colors, and they are $7.50 from Caspari. Chic, Chinoiserie, and cheap from Caspari!

Chinoiserie China Patterns

This gorgeous china pattern Wedgwood Cuckoo was suggested by the very sophisticated Stefan of Architect Digest who is an avid china collector. Part of their Williamsburg Collection, it was made by Wedgwood from 1973-1995. It is multicolor, with flowers and a bird on a white background with gold edge. I think the colors are absolutely stunning. It is hard to imagine an elegant Chinoiserie influenced dining room that this would not be fabulous in. An insider tip-if you are looking for Wedgwood patterns, spell it "Wedgwood" and "Wedgewood." Wedgwood with no "e" is the correct spelling, but it is often misspelled. Happy hunting!

Pagoda Light Bulbs

I've been fascinated to see that chic hotels have embraced the "Radio" or "Marconi" light bulb for sconces in hallways and elevator lobbies. I just discovered these pagoda light bulbs that come in both candelabra and standard base. They are antique reproductions and come in smoked glass. I am interested to see the effect these will have in a pair of sconces or a chandelier. This looks like a fabulous way to create a Chinoiserie look with existing fixtures. If it works half as well for a Chinoiserie touch as the the Radio bulbs do in creating a vintage vibe, this could be amazing. I'll keep you posted.