Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chinoiserie China Patterns

This gorgeous china pattern Wedgwood Cuckoo was suggested by the very sophisticated Stefan of Architect Digest who is an avid china collector. Part of their Williamsburg Collection, it was made by Wedgwood from 1973-1995. It is multicolor, with flowers and a bird on a white background with gold edge. I think the colors are absolutely stunning. It is hard to imagine an elegant Chinoiserie influenced dining room that this would not be fabulous in. An insider tip-if you are looking for Wedgwood patterns, spell it "Wedgwood" and "Wedgewood." Wedgwood with no "e" is the correct spelling, but it is often misspelled. Happy hunting!


  1. Hehe, I like that you always call my blog 'architect digest' instead of architectdesign ;-) Don't change it! I know it pushes your buttons -your favorite magazine!!
    And now I'm sophisticated? Are you buttering me up to ask me for a favor?
    Good hint to search for wedgwood both with an 'e' and without -otherwise you might miss a lot on ebay! I figured that trick out just a few months ago.

  2. I love the handle on that tea cup -- what a gorgeous detail.

  3. Stefan-I just figured it was a typo! LOL I'll be thinking about that favor idea. Thanks for the suggestion on this pattern. It is perfect!

  4. Averill-My wedding china is a Wedgwood Williamsburg Chinoiserie pattern. I will be doing a post on it. It has the same cup detail.