Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Navy Enamel Bamboo

Tiffany & Co. Enamel Bamboo Ring

For years I have wanted this iconic vintage navy enamel bamboo ring from Tiffany & Co. circa 1960s. They are hard to find, especially in the right size and are expensive - around $1500 to $2,000.

I love and collect enamel jewelry and this combination of navy and bamboo is such a classic.

Designed by Jean Schlumberger whose visionary creations are among the world's most intricate designs, this classic bamboo ring by Tiffany & Co. is crafted from solid 18k yellow gold. It showcases the ultra-fine grooved bamboo pattern on gold with striking blue enamel. Circa 1960s, this is one of Jean Schlumberger's most famous designs.

Anabel Aram that I posted about recently has a wonderful navy bamboo ring very reminiscent of the Tiffany & Co. version.

Bamboo Enamel Ring in Navy

Bamboo Enamel Ring in Navy

This is also available in Clementine, Cream, and Pale Blue. And a small fraction of the Tiffany & Co. price.

You can shop the entire Anabel Aram Bamboo Collection here. I love it all! Palm Beach based and designed, Anabel Aram jewelry really captures the spirit of Florida - chic, sunny, casual, and fun. It is organic yet elegant. Definitely my favorite jewelry for my lifestyle here.


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  1. Jean Schlumberger's designs are fabulous. My favorite, (living), jewelry designer is Victoire de Castellane, who designs gorgeous fine jewelry for Dior.