Saturday, June 29, 2024

Pagodas, Wicker & Colored Glass

Amanda Lindroth & Estelle Colored Glass

I love this wicker pagoda by Amanda Lindroth. Alas, I passed on getting it when it was on a fabulous Tag Sale on her now closed website because I really don't have a spot for it. I love how it is styled here with Estelle Colored Glass, seashells, wicker wrapped candles, a pineapple and limes. 

I love decorating with tropical fruit like lemons, limes, and pineapples. I often have them on display for entertaining and then tuck them back in the fridge. You can leave lemons, limes, and pineapples out for two or three days.

I am a huge fan of Estelle glassware and have started collecting it. Like Le Creuset cookware, it comes in so many beautiful colors it is hard to decide whether to choose one color or many. I like having it in several colors to coordinate with my china patterns.

Amanda Lindroth & Estelle Colored Glass

See Estelle Colored Glass here if you dare - it is addictive.

Newest is their limited edition colorblock glassware - it is stunning.

Colorblock Champagne Coupes in Fuchsia and Lavender

Colorblock Champagne Coupes

Speaking of pagodas, these wonderful pagoda lanterns that I posted on before are on sale for $31.50. They are a steal. Grab a pair for the mantel, dining table, sideboard, anywhere!

Southern Living Pagoda Lantern

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