Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Elsa Schiaparelli Lobster Dress

This iconic lobster dress was designed by Elsa Schiaperelli in 1937. The lobster was painted by Salvador Dali. I have a lobster dress I love that I wore Saturday night. It's J. Crew Collection from a few years ago. I even have lobster earrings.

J. Crew Lobster Dress

Mignonne Gavigan Lobster Earrings

They are no longer available, but here are some great lobster ideas for your summer wardrobe. Now I'm hungry for a lobster roll - there's a restaurant in Venice that has wonderful lobster rolls - both warm and cold styles. Can anyone pick me up - LOL?

Lobster Brooch

Jack Rogers Lobster Embroidered Sandal

Boden Lobster Dress

Boden Lobster Skirt

Amanda Lindroth has now closed her online store as of last night - my home is filled with her Birkin baskets, wicker pagodas, island trays, cane wrapped hurricanes, and more. I love her style beyond words and cannot wait for her new venture and her new book Island Dreaming - the release date is October 15th.

Island Dreaming by Amanda Lindroth


  1. Was wondering if perhaps in a past life we were related? 😉. This weekend is Swedish Midsummer and I will be serving lobster and strawberry cake. Don't have a lobster dress, but do have a lobster brooch and I'll wear that on a white dress. No mention of orthopedic surgeon. Hopefully you found someone? Will preorder Island Dreaming. By October I will have recovered from this beastly heat and can think balmy winds again. Here in the mountains we say "Stay Sweet" and I say hang in there Beth. I'm rooting for you.

  2. How are you feeling today? Hope you're not in pain. I described to my husband what happened to you ("my blogging friend who formerly lived in Belle Haven but now lives in Venice, FL"), and I thought he might faint!
    LOVED all the starfish & lobster stuff!
    Take it easy. 💚

  3. I'm happy to see you haven't lost your sense of humor, Beth. Not quite a lobster, but I have a pink skirt with orange prawns I bought from Rachel Antonoff a couple of seasons ago. It's a lot of fun to wear and I love it. It had a matching top, but the top was a midriff and I feel I'm past the age to be wearing a midriff. I once had a beaded cashmere sweater designed by Elsa Schiaparelli that my mother bought for me. I believe she was a contemporary of Coco Chanel, but more avant-garde.

  4. How fun! I love my Chanel starfish earrings.

  5. Saw a large wicker pagoda at my local Home Goods store last week and thought of you. Hope you heal soon; knee injuries are no fun.

  6. Beth, I hope you have been able to get some relief from the pain caused by your broken kneecap! I’ve been thinking about you and wishing you a quick and easy recovery. Hang in there and enjoy your air condition!