Friday, June 7, 2024

Chinoiserie Summer Candle Find


You may know that I love burning candles at CCC literally all the time and am always on the lookout for candles for the current season. My favorite summer candle is NEST Bamboo.

The NEST Bamboo candle is wonderful but a bit pricey for everyday use at $82.00 for the 3 wick candle. I have found a candle that although not identical, is quite similar and at a fantastic price. Like NEST Bamboo, it has a very fresh and clean scent, a great throw, and both have white florals and bamboo notes.

This 3 wick candle Rainforest Gardenia at Bath & Body Works is gardenia, bamboo, apple water, and white woods. And it is on a great sale right now - their semi-annual sale reduced from $26.95 to $10.95.

Rainforest Gardenia

This is only available online, not in stores. It gets great reviews. I am burning one right now at CCC and really love it and plan to get more.



  1. Just ordered a few of these. Will put in a blue and white cache pot. Don't like the look of the outside. Kinda' tacky me thinks. Too bad NEST is pricey. It's my favorite. It sometimes shows up at Home Goods. I'll buy them all when they do.

    1. I agree completely on the container but figured that is an easy fix as you have suggested. I have found a few NEST at HomeGoods, but usually the more obscure scents.

  2. I find the fragrance of gardenias intoxicating. Most of the perfumes I love have some notes of gardenias or tuberose. Thank you, Beth. I will give this a try.

    Don't forget that the Belmont Stakes is today - 6:50 pm, EST, 3:50 pm, PST.