Monday, April 8, 2024

Spring and the Solar Eclipse in Venice

Solar Eclipse

I'm sure many of us will be focused on the Great American Eclipse today. In Florida, it will be a partial eclipse. There seems to be more coverage of this than in the past. Actually, the 2024 solar eclipse will be the most watched solar eclipse in history due to the many large cities it'll pass through. Also, it'll be the last total solar eclipse across the United States for 20 years.

I remember when I was in summer camp in Wisconsin there was a solar eclipse and we all got loaded onto buses and went to a movie theater to see Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap to be safe.

I plan on doing some gardening today. It seems like a good day to be outside. Hopefully Ally the alligator will stay in the lake. Animals are known to act strangely when there is a solar eclipse. And it is mating season, so they are more active anyway. A lady in Grand Palm in Venice ended up with an 8 foot alligator in her kitchen a few days ago. It had pushed her kitchen screen door open and wandered in.

Alligator in Kitchen in Venice on April 4th

If you are doing some spring spruce up in your garden, Lowe's has its bagged mulch on sale for $2 a bag which is an absolute steal. It is normally $4. I love the black mulch. It visually makes plants really pop. It is also available in dark brown and red. Don't miss this best of the year price. This sale goes through April 17th.

Lowe's Premium Hardwood Bagged Mulch

On Saturday I had my gardeners prune my palms and hedges. I like doing my smaller shrubs myself like my Eugenia topiaries. I just got this ingenious little garden tarp and love it. When I prune shrubs, the zillions of tiny leaves would get all over my beautiful black mulch. Just place this around the base of the shrub, flip the edges up, and prune away. Then bag the debris. Brilliant.

Landscape Tarp

Enjoy the eclipse and stay safe! 

P.S. - I am burning the Olive Leaf and Oud Candle this morning that I posted about last week here and it is fabulous.


  1. On my way to Naples FL I will definitely bypass Venice. Ordered several necklaces from yesterdays post. Will channel Iris Apfel all summer thanks to you. White t-shirt, several multicolored piled up. Shared today's post with my gardener. He'll thank you.

  2. Holy $$$$!!! While I'm not fond of the state where I currently live, I know that I won't find an alligator in my kitchen here!

  3. 😱🐊OMG!!! I'd have fainted, and the alligator would have eaten me.

  4. OMG. I realize this is your post from yesterday, Beth, but I just have to comment: That picture of the alligator in the kitchen made me jump off my chair! It's huge! How frightening is that?! That is just surreal, and it just walked into her kitchen! If I found that creature in my house, I would fall on the floor and have an out of the body experience! Please watch out for any alligators that may be prowling in your neighborhood.

    Unfortunately, I missed the eclipse, but I am in CA, and here, it was only a partial eclipse.