Thursday, April 25, 2024

Lettuce Ware

Tory Burch

I love lettuce ware and would love to have a spot at CCC to display a collection like this. So pretty! Tory Burch has a beautiful collection on her website created in collaboration with the estate of Dodie Thayer.

Dodie was an American artisan and entrepreneur and her story is remarkable. Her ancestors helped settle Palm Beach where she taught herself how to mold pottery from lettuce and cabbage leaves.

Legendary hostesses from C.Z. Guest and the Duchess of Windsor to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis collected her signature lettuce ware.

Lettuce Ware Covered Tureen

 See the entire collection here.

I found these enamel plates and they are on a Mother's Day sale. I love the colors. They would be perfect in my home. These would be lovely for setting the spring and summer table and would indeed make a great Mother's Day gift.

Enamel Leaf Plates

Enamel Leaf Plates


  1. over the last 30-40- yrs, I've collected this type of china and use it on rotation every time I entertain ---I seem to always go for a 'garden' theme because I want to use these pieces! lovely post

  2. My forever go to spring and summer dishes. Especially outside. Bordallo Pinheiro on eBay is a treasure trove. However, not the Tory Burch green. : (