Friday, March 22, 2024

Easter Decorating


Here is a spring and Easter decorating touch in my kitchen at CCC. I love this monkey planter I found at HomeGoods a while back. I recently found a second one so I actually have a pair. 

I filled it with preserved sheet moss from my stash I always keep on hand and topped it with real quail eggs. If you are using quail eggs for decorating or crafting, you can blow them out, but they are so tiny they will dry out naturally and I do not bother. My Publix always has quail eggs - I also use them for cooking.

These great ideas are from Amanda Lindroth showing how to use her wicker Birkin basket handbag for Easter decor. I just got the light blue one and love it. It is on a great closing sale with an additional 40% off the sale price taken in your cart. This a perfect handbag for the vintage Palm Beach/Palm Royale vibe that is the look this season.

Amanda Lindroth Birkin Basket

It is a very rare rainy day here in South Florida, so I will use it to catch up around here and play with the pups. They seem to be having a serious chat here.

Harper and Beatrice


  1. Adore the monkey with Quail eggs no less. A two hour drive to Whole Food for me to get those adorable and delicious morsels, but I will. Thanks Beth.