Monday, February 5, 2024

Valentine's Day


I love feathers and have several pieces with feathers in my wardrobe. Harper and I were in HomeGoods yesterday on a little shopping excursion before the puppy's arrival next weekend.

We spotted this darling hot pink feather sweater for her. ($14.99) So fun and chic! It reminds me of this J.Crew feather blouse I got recently. I think the two of us will wear these for Valentine's Day. 

J.Crew Collection Button-Up Shirt with Organza

Speaking of pink feathers, I am thinking of getting this darling blouse and pants new at Tuckernuck.

Poppy Stripe Feather Sabrina Blouse

Poppy Stripe Erin Pants

The print is also available in this cute dress. I often get comments about many Tuckernuck dresses looking "mini." I think you have to remember that these models tend to be about 6 feet tall. I have never found a single dress I have ordered too short, and remember that shipping and returns are free.

Poppy Stripe Marlowe Dress

This print would be great for Valentine's Day and has a South Florida vibe as well with its exuberant colors and print. It can be dressed up or down, I love pink and red, it is lined, it has pockets, and it's under $200!

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