Monday, February 12, 2024


Harper & Beatrice

The girls are inseparable after just a weekend together. The puppy is a little angel and the happiest puppy I have ever seen. Completely relaxed and just enjoying life completely. Things could not have gone better.

If any of you dog lovers are struggling with what to feed your pups, I have finally after much trial and error found a food for them I love and they love.

Harper is extremely picky. She will not eat kibble (traditional dry dog food) and I do not want to be feeding her that anyway. I experimented with all the fresh dog food delivery options and she would not eat any of them. 

I then tried Sundays Food for Dogs. It is air dried at 160 degrees to kill germs and lock in ingredients. It goes in your pantry so it doesn't take up half your freezer or refrigerator. It does not have the possible issues of raw and freeze dried dog food. It is human grade. It has free fast shipping. It is available in Chicken, Turkey, or Beef. Harper loves them all as does Beatrice.

Human-Grade Ingredients

90% meat, 10% superfoods,

0% synthetics

Stress-Free Serving

No fridge. No prep.

No mess. Easy yes.

Picky-Eater Approved

Sundays won a third party taste test vs. traditional dog food 39-0.

Nutrient-Preserving Prep

Air-drying locks in peak flavors and nutrients better than kettle cooking "fresh cooked"

Here is what it looks like.

Sundays Food for Dogs

The same ingredients you'd put in your salad, now in your dog's bowl. Here for example, are the ingredients in the Beef.

I am so happy to have found this for my pups and wanted to share my special code if you'd like to try it.

Use my code by clicking here for 50% off your first order.

Harper is 8 years old and has never been a good eater. With Sundays Food for Dogs, she literally devours her meals and I know I am feeding her and the new puppy healthy and nutritious food.

Check it all out here and be sure to use my code above for 50% off.


  1. More puppy pics, please!!!

  2. Both beyond adorable. What a nice shot, perfectly posed by the girls.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for this valuable information. WE - I and the "Three Girls" are very grateful for this information. Am ordering just as soon as I sign off on this!
    LAS and "
    The Girls"